HELP! I Can’t Get Rid of My Strawberry Legs

Strawberry Legs

You may hear about how exfoliation and regularly changing your laser will help your strawberry skin over time. Realistically these are all ways of helping strawberry skin, but if you are looking for a permanent solution, these will not help.

In this article, Laser Me Out will explain how laser hair removal can get rid of strawberry legs for good.

How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

Is there a permanent solution to strawberry legs? The short answer is yes, there is only one real solution to strawberry legs: laser hair removal. If you suffer from strawberry skin, completely killing the hair is your only option to obtain silky smooth skin.

Strawberry legs occur most commonly from shaving. When you are shaving, you are cutting the hair at its thickest point. Therefore, your hair root is more exposed, giving the illusion of a strawberry-like texture on your skin and, most commonly, the legs.

Laser hair removal works by targeting dark pigmentation on the skin (the hair follicle) and kills the blood supply connected to the hair, preventing the hair from growing back. The Soprano Titanium laser technology that we use is the best available laser hair removal technology in the globe! The laser uses three separate lasers to combat hairs on every skin tone and hair type.

Say Goodbye to Strawberry Legs!

At Laser Me Out hair removal clinic in Harley Street, the therapists are able to assess your skin and any concerns you may have relating to ingrowing hairs and strawberry legs. Ensuring you completely understand what your skin concerns are and how we are going to help treat them.

Having strawberry legs is a very common thing. It can, however, be something many people are very embarrassed about. Growing up with friends with gorgeous seamless skin can make you feel like the odd one out, which is frustrating but cannot be helped!

The youngest you can get laser hair removal is 16 years old (with parental consent). So why wait? Don’t wish that you started laser sooner! Book a free consultation at Laser Me Out in London to get started.

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